Coming to New Zealand? Timing is Key

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Coming to New ZealandPlanning on looking for work in New Zealand? Timing is vital to ensure your success.


Are you thinking about returning to New Zealand? Fancy a summer of barbeques, beach and fun with friends and family? You need to think carefully about the right time to return if you have a job on your mind.

As appealing as a summer at home sounds, it is not the best time to be looking for work. Much like the European summer the job market in New Zealand comes to a bit of a grinding halt in December, January and early February.

Susie Vokins, Campaign Director for the Future in New Zealand campaign with Global Career Link said: “People often return home in time for Christmas and summer, and the first thing they do is contact us to get work. However, it is a bad time of year to be looking and can work against them.”

Vokins says if you are planning a return to New Zealand think about coming in early November, instead of December.

“Get yourself in the job market as soon as possible before Christmas and you may have a job to go to in the new year,” said Vokins.

According to Vokins what can often happen is great people arrive before Christmas, and can sit waiting until mid-February before they get offered a role or even an interview. This can then send alarm bells to perspective employers. Why has it taken so long for them to get a job? What is wrong with them?

“It is a lot like a house sitting on the market for a while. It gets a bad reputation, for no other reason than it was not sold straight away. The job market is a similar environment when in reality the only reason someone did not get a job was because they became available or started looking at the wrong time of year. It has nothing to do with the calibre of the candidate,” Vokins said.

This summer has been a prime example for some of Vokins’ candidates. Global Career Link had a number of premium quality professionals arrive back in the country before Christmas, some of whom took over ten weeks to secure work.

A recent returnee Matt found it difficult and frustrating to find work over the summer months.

With my recent London experience, I thought I would walk straight into a role on my return to NZ. Unfortunately, this was not the case due to a large volume of candidates such as myself returning home over the Christmas period.   It was frustrating and took longer than anticipated to find a role, but in hindsight, better planning on the timing of my return would have gone a long way in speeding up the overall process,” said Matt

All candidates did get work, but most not until mid-February, early March. It is important for people to think about their timing when they return says, Vokins.

“I understand wanting to return for the summer, just be organised and come back in November. Alternatively, take a break and start looking in late February, early March. This way a candidate will not sit on the job market for too long, which can be frustrating for them and look bad to future employers.

“It is about supply and demand and there is no demand over the summer months,” said Vokins.

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